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The Elysium Ballroom

The Elysium Ballroom ("Elysium" meaning "Heaven"), once the location of the furniture and appliance store that used to be in an old incarnation of the building, will be a place open to the community to rent for events.  The room is approximately 4,000 square feet and still contains the original windows, original trim and mouldings, original tin ceilings and light fixtures, and original flooring and support beams.

Once restored, the Elysium Ballroom will retain its hardwood flooring, tin ceilings, and large open windows; it is our intention to switch out the light fixtures with chandeliers, expand the room (which is already in process) to absorb the false walls and false rooms in order to provide additional space, add public restrooms and an old-fashioned bar area, and more.

The Elysium Ballroom also contains the opening for the second floor lift area (elevator).  Just off the ballroom is the old Connor Lumber President's office, which will become a kitchenette to assist in food preparation, catered events, and more.

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