Maple Place Holistic Wellness Center

The Maple Place Holistic Wellness Center will be located on the second floor of Maple Place, in the old Connor Lumber and Railroad offices.  Most of the offices still contain the original tin ceilings, original doors and glassed windows (including transoms!), hardwood flooring, and south-facing windows with a beautiful view of Soup Kettle Park.

The Maple Place Holistic Wellness Center also has a separate staircase, which opens directly to the exterior street, for easy access.  Just down the expansive hallways is the Amoterra University Student Library, the second floor vault with the living history museum, the Elysium Ballroom, and the access to the lift.


Maple Place Inc. (formerly the Connor Lumber and Land Company Store) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to revitalize a piece of Laona's history in the restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the original 1914 building.


T: 715-850-2420


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