Maple Place Inc. Board of Directors

Our current Board of Directors contains 9 members, with a tenth advisory member.  Each individual brings his or her unique expertise and knowledge to our project in order to create and maintain a well-balanced, well-rounded, and well-knowledgeable board of directors to oversee Maple Place.  Here are our current officers and directors:

  • Chair/Executive Director: Phillip J. Adamczyk (Wabeno/Townsend/Laona, WI)

    • Phillip J. Adamczyk (Wabeno, Wisconsin) is the Executive Director and current Chair of Maple Place Inc., as well as its interim Grant Development Director.  Phil is a licensed massage therapist and the owner of Amoterra, a wellness center based in Townsend, Wisconsin, and has run his own business since 2013.  He has had experience in education, health and wellness, business, accounting, and organizational management since 2009, having run and managed a holistic wellness center in La Crosse, Wisconsin while completing his Bachelor of Science in secondary English and history education from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  Phil also serves as the secretary and treasurer of the Laona Area Chamber of Commerce. Phil brings to the table his skills in education and educational development, secretarial organization and bookkeeping, business organization, business management, accounting and finances, and interpersonal communication, as well as his knowledge of technology, information systems, marketing and advertising, and social media communication.  Phil's passion for history and desire for community-mindedness, as well as his dedication to economic and social development, drive him to constantly seek to better himself, others, and the communities of which he is a part.

  • Vice-Chair: Pete Lenti (Waukesha, WI)

    • Pete Lenti (Waukesha, Wisconsin) is a licensed and insured electrician with many years’ experience, having worked on both commercial and residential projects.  He currently heads the electrical restoration portion of the Maple Place Inc. project and, in addition to sitting as Vice-Chair, also currently serves as Maple Place Inc.'s Safety Coordinator.

  • Secretary: Linda Tryczak (Wausau, WI)

    • Linda Tryczak (Wausau, Wisconsin) has served for many years on various boards and has involved herself in many historic-based projects and programs, having sat as both a past and present board member of organizations such as the Friends of Wausau Historic Landmarks, the Wausau Historic Preservation Commission, the American Legion Auxiliary, and the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.  She has a strong interest in historic buildings and history in general.  She is always interested in learning more about historic preservation and buildings in Wisconsin.

  • Treasurer: Susan Connor (Laona, WI)

    • Susan J. Connor (Laona, Wisconsin)is a former small business owner/entrepreneur with broad experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing and financial management. As the co-owner of The Flying Pig, LLC, she had direct experience with retail policies and procedures, financial accounting and art gallery management. Susan’s strengths are in research, analysis and administrative prob­lem solving. Born and raised in Laona, Su­san recently returned to her roots, relocating to Laona from Algoma, WI. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Laona State Bank and is a great-granddaughter of W.D. Connor.

  • Fundraising Director: Carla Connor (Laona, WI)

    • Carla Connor (Laona, Wisconsin) has worked with interpersonal communication, in-person social networking, volunteerism, community betterment, and community development as a private citizen for many years.  Her skills include interpersonal communication, landscaping, interpersonal networking, and “street smarts” know-how.  Carla is a “jack of all trades,” able to apply her skills in manual construction and labor as much as her skills in social interactions.  She is actively involved in a multitude of volunteer organizations, all of which support community development, preservation, and interconnectedness.

  • Director: Roz Wittmann (Lakewood, WI)

    • Rosalyn “Roz” Wittmann (Townsend, Wisconsin) holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership and a bachelor’s degree in public service leadership.  Roz is also a retired police officer who worked as a community liaison officer.  Roz has also worked in grant development, helping acquire grant funding for summer programs for at-risk youth; in addition, she has helped to foster community partnerships through spearheading programs such as Fox Crossings in Menasha, the GREAT summer program, community Citizenship Government Academy, and more.  Roz has also worked as an adjunct instructor through Fox Valley Technical College.

  • Director: Jonel Calhoun (Laona, WI)

    • Jonel Calhoun (Laona, Wisconsin) has spent a lifetime in the banking industry, from customer rep to lender, branch management, compliance officer and internal audit.  Her strengths are in finance, regulatory compliance, policy-procedure- and report writing, and pretty much anything that requires attention to details.

  • Director: Jennifer Connor (Chicago, IL/Laona, WI)

    • Jennifer Connor (Laona, Wisconsin/Chicago, Illinois) is the successful female business owner of Mustard Girl All-American Mustards and an innovative entrepreneur.  Jennifer believes passionately in community outreach and goodwill.  She has dedicated her free time to raising money for women’s and children’s charities across the Midwest, including Common Threads, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Educate Rwanda, Little Sisters of the Poor, Food Bank of Illinois, Ivory Coast Mothers and Children, Make a Wish Foundation, Wounded Warriors, Honor Flight, and the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation.  Jennifer brings to the table her interpersonal relationship skills, marketing and advertising experience, communication and resource development, and business savvy.


  • Historic Advisor: Sara W. Connor (Laona, WI)

    • Sara Connor (Laona, Wisconsin) is the Maple Place Inc. Historic Advisor, a retired educator, and has worked in both the fields of education and historic preservation for over 20 years.  Sara is both an accomplished author and historian, bringing to the table her experience and expertise in local and family history with regard to both the building’s and community’s preservation of history.


Maple Place Inc. (formerly the Connor Lumber and Land Company Store) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to revitalize a piece of Laona's history in the restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the original 1914 building.


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