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Amoterra University of Restorative and Healing Arts (AURHA)






Amoterra University, usually referred to by its acronym AURHA, is the first of the interior businesses and projects created out of the building restoration project and, until May of 2018, carried the torch and weight for the restoration, renovation, and preservation of Maple Place.  When Maple Place became an official entity, AURHA handed the task of restoration over to the control and management of the newly-created, official non-profit entity that was the building itself.

AURHA, once the building restoration is completed, will occupy roughly one-fourth of the building's space, having its primary components on the first floor and several of its accessory components on the second floor.

  • Classrooms, including the student massage clinic, will all be located on the first floor

    • The student massage clinic will border the community courtyard and gardens on the north side (back) of the building.

  • The student library will be located on the second floor's west wing, in the old accounting office.

  • Staff and directors' offices will be located on the second floor's west and south wings, in the old accounting, lumber, and railroad offices.

AURHA's Misson is three-fold and works hand-in-hand with the mission of Maple Place: 1) To provide high-quality education and hands-on training and experience in the many fields of holistic health and wellness via our university, in order to create, develop, and implement quality care for the general public in mind, body, and spirit within the wellness industry, allowing graduates to uphold excellence in health standards and scope of practice, as well as implement and maintain both a mindset and a vocation that is nurturing, compassionate, empathetic, and well-informed in their specified areas of holistic wellness. We strive to offer educational opportunities of the highest quality at an institution that is safe and comfortable and accepts and welcomes students of all backgrounds and does not discriminate based on any difference of the human condition, including but by no means limited to: religion, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or personal beliefs.

2) To provide superior, quality holistic wellness services to the community and general public via the in-building holistic wellness center, pioneering a wide range of services all in one convenient place; we anticipate serving the entire northern region of the state of Wisconsin, from just north of Green Bay to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Among the holistic services that will be offered within the wellness center, we strive to focus specifically upon bringing behavioral and mental health counseling services to the area to better serve the many needs of all our surrounding communities.

3) To function as a community-oriented, historic epicenter in coordination with the mission of Maple Place itself in order to promote interconnectedness, family, and a greater sense of close-knit community by providing event opportunities, skills opportunities, community-based spaces such as a public courtyard with gardens, and by sponsoring events such as community food drives, sidewalk bazaars, and farmers’ markets; our historic aspect will also allow us to preserve and proudly display Laona’s treasured history.

Once operating, it is the intention of AURHA to assist Maple Place in the coordination of area events, the management of the holistic wellness center, and more.  AURHA will strive to provide as much of a variety of course offerings as it is able, with its primary program of study focusing upon Therapeutic Massage.

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