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About Maple Place Inc.

Who We Are & What We Do

Maple Place: “The Cornerstone of Historic Laona”



Maple Place Inc. (formerly known as the Connor Lumber and Land Company Store) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization officially founded in May of 2018. Restoration work on the building prior to the official formation of Maple Place was carried out by board members of Amoterra University of Restorative and Healing Arts (AURHA), as well as many community members and volunteers. 


***All funding and donations that were given to Amoterra University toward the building’s restoration up to 5.31.18 has been transferred to Maple Place, which has taken the reins on the restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the building as an official non-profit entity, organized exclusively for the purposes of restoring, preserving, and maintaining the historic integrity, significance, and rich history of the former Connor Lumber and Land Company Store. (Don’t worry - Amoterra University hasn’t gone anywhere and is still present with this project; it is only one part of what is being built inside Maple Place as a whole!)***


Our Mission Statement:

“The mission of Maple Place is to restore, preserve, and maintain the history and historic structure of the Connor Lumber and Land Company Store and maintain its importance and significance with regard to economic progress, quality of life, and preservation of the history within the Laona community.”

Our Vision Statement:

“The vision of Maple Place Inc. is to create a common place for the community to share resources and services, growth, development, and sense of pride and local historic preservation through programs and physical location.”

Our Goals and Objectives (2023 Year):

  • Currently in development.

Our Essentials:

Why the Name "Maple Place"?

First, much of the original flooring within the building is constructed from maple; it is a wood that holds history and significance to Laona and to the lumber industry that helped grow the town. In addition, the name was chosen to represent growth, inclusion, preservation, remembrance, and new ventures. Here’s a little bit about the healing properties of maple:

  • Some cultures primarily use maple for spiritual healing.

  • Maple is a traveler's wood and grants strength to new beginnings and new journeys.

  • It enhances intellectual pursuits, acquiring knowledge, and communication.

  • It governs those things which concern art, beauty, binding, and abundance.

  • The gypsies believed that maple brought gold and that eating its seeds would bring love.

  • Maple trees hold the wisdom of balance, promise, love, longevity, money, purity, healing, and cleansing.


The complete restoration and rehabilitation of the building is expected to take 5-7 years to fully complete; we are working diligently with the Wisconsin State Historical Society, as well as the Town of Laona, volunteers, community members, and others to restore the building back to as close to its 1916 original structure as possible. Once completed, Maple Place will be a community-oriented epicenter for Laona, encompassing Amoterra University of Restorative and Healing Arts (AURHA), the Elysium Ballroom, a coffee shop and bakery, the Laona Area Chamber of Commerce Office and Tourism Center, a holistic wellness center, community gardens and courtyard, and more.


The Maple Place Board of Directors is thrilled to continue the restoration work on the building and is looking forward to uncovering even more exciting history as progress continues! We are so happy to be able to work toward bringing something back to the local community and its residents!

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